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plumbing inspection

Has your plumbing been inspected?

If you have an old plumbing, you want to know that it is working properly. A Wanna Services, Inc can inspect your plumbing to detect any issues that may exist.

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•  Soil testing

•  Septic inspections

•  Plumbing inspections

•  Well inspections

•  Boiler inspections

Inspections for water or waste systems

Wells, plumbing, and septic systems are expensive to replace. Getting your water and waste systems inspected

by our licensed and insured plumbers could catch a

problem before it turns into a catastrophe.


Contact us today to learn more about our inspections services and to see how your systems measure up.

Get an inspection before it's too late

Is your soil suitable for a

septic tank?  

Our experts can test your soil before you start digging.

Call to schedule your well inspection. 715-272-1218

Call to

schedule your

well inspection.